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3 Best Car Dealer Forums and Online Communities

DealerRefresh Forum


The DealerRefresh Forum is an online community designed to provide a platform for car dealers to discuss and debate best practices for leveraging internet marketing and modern sales processes within the car dealership. Founded in 2004, DealerRefresh has become a leading resource for internet marketing strategies for dealerships.

The DealerRefresh Forum offers a wide range of sub-forums that cater to various aspects of dealership operations. These sub-forums include DMS Systems, Data, Security, I.T., Service Marketing and Fixed-ops & Parts Solutions, Other Cool Technologies & Services, Off Topic & Everything Else, Websites, SEO, SEM, Display, Social, Marketing, CRM, ILM, Chat, Desking, Emails, Phone, SMS, and Vehicle Merchandising & Inventory Software.

These sub-forums provide a platform for dealers to discuss topics such as DMS software, service scheduling, and parts ordering. Additionally, they also cover off-topic discussions, including partnership opportunities, positive experiences, and even automotive memes. The DealerRefresh Forum aims to cater to all aspects of dealership operations, providing a comprehensive platform for discussion, debate, and knowledge-sharing.

The forum's latest threads provide insight into the topics that are currently being discussed among members. The threads range from CRM recommendations to discussions about the latest technologies in the industry.

One thread that caught our attention is titled "CRM recommendations for CarproLive DMS." The thread has been active for 19 minutes at the time of writing. It showcases the forum's collaborative nature, where members can ask for recommendations and advice from others who have experience using specific software or tools.

Another interesting thread is titled "Tekion?" which discusses the Tekion platform and its potential benefits for dealerships. The thread provides insights from various members and their experiences with the platform.

The forum also hosts discussions on emerging technologies such as GPT-4 vs. GPT-3.5. The thread explores the differences between the two technologies and their potential impact on the automotive industry.

Members can also share their personal experiences on the forum. One such example is "Uncle Joe's Makeover Diary 2.0." The thread documents a dealership makeover and provides insights into the process and strategies employed.

Additionally, the forum hosts various industry events such as #RefreshFriday GA4 - ASC Events, UTMs, and CarDealster | George Nenni, where George Nenni, an industry expert, shared insights on Google Analytics 4 and how dealerships can leverage the tool.

In conclusion, the DealerRefresh Forum is a valuable resource for car dealerships, providing a platform for discussion and debate on internet marketing and modern sales processes. With a range of sub-forums catering to various aspects of dealership operations, DealerRefresh is a comprehensive platform for dealers to share knowledge, ask questions, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Whether you are looking for advice on SEO or online reputation management, the DealerRefresh Forum is the perfect place to find the answers you need.

Car Dealer Magazine Forum


Car Dealer Magazine is a leading digital brand that provides daily news and features for professionals in the motor trade industry. In March 2020, Car Dealer Magazine transformed from a glossy motor trade magazine to a completely digital brand due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Car Dealer Magazine Forum is an online community that serves as a platform for readers of Car Dealer Magazine to ask questions, share advice, and connect with other industry professionals.

The Car Dealer Magazine Forum is comprised of various subforums that cater to specific topics related to the motor trade industry. The General Dealer Chat subforum is a general forum where readers can ask questions and share advice with each other. This subforum has over 72,000 posts and is an active community for industry professionals.

The Private Advanced Members Lounge subforum is exclusively for advanced members who have made a minimum of 25 posts in the open forums and provided Car Dealer Magazine with proof of trader status, such as a copy of trade insurance. This subforum has over 27,000 posts and is a more exclusive community for experienced industry professionals.

The Buy & Sell subforum is a marketplace for readers to buy and sell items related to the motor trade industry. From alloy wheels to xenon bulbs, readers can post their listings in this subforum. The Buy & Sell Trade Cars subforum is an approved members-only subforum where members can offer cars for sale.

The Frequently Asked Questions subforum is for new members of the motor trade industry who have questions and need guidance. This subforum is a resource for individuals who are new to the industry.

Finally, the Stolen Vehicle & Fraud Warnings subforum is a platform where members can post warnings about stolen cars or scams in the industry. This subforum is a resource for industry professionals to stay informed and protect themselves against fraudulent activities.

The Car Dealer Magazine Forum is a valuable resource for industry professionals to connect with one another, ask questions, and share advice. With various subforums dedicated to specific topics related to the motor trade industry, readers can access a wealth of information and resources on this platform. Whether you are an experienced industry professional or new to the trade, the Car Dealer Magazine Forum is a valuable community to join.

Ask Car Sales Subreddit


The automobile industry is a complex and ever-changing landscape, where navigating the intricacies of car sales can be daunting. With the abundance of choices available and the seemingly endless array of features and options, it is no wonder that many car buyers turn to car sales professionals for guidance. This is where Ask Car Sales, a Subreddit located at r/askcarsales, comes into play. Created on November 6, 2012, this community has grown to over 170,000 members and provides a platform for car buyers to ask questions from car sales professionals, including salespeople, finance, and sales managers.

One of the distinguishing features of Ask Car Sales is that it provides a platform for verified car sales professionals to interact with potential car buyers. Verified professionals are easily identifiable using flair, which serves as a sign of their expertise and industry experience. While non-flaired users are also welcome to participate, it is advisable to take their advice with discretion. In this way, the Subreddit provides a reliable source of information and guidance for those in search of reliable and trustworthy advice.

The majority of posts on Ask Car Sales are questions from car buyers seeking advice and suggestions from car sales professionals. This question-and-answer format allows car buyers to get answers to their specific questions and concerns, and it allows verified professionals to share their expertise and industry knowledge. Additionally, the format allows for a wide range of topics to be covered, including financing options, trade-in values, and negotiating tactics, among others.

There are several benefits to participating in Ask Car Sales. For car buyers, the Subreddit offers a platform to get answers to their questions and concerns from professionals in the industry. This can help buyers make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, and it can also help them avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. For car sales professionals, Ask Car Sales provides an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and expertise, which can lead to increased business opportunities and professional networking.

In conclusion, Ask Car Sales is a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy a car or seeking advice on the car buying process. With a community of verified professionals and a question-and-answer format, the Subreddit offers a reliable source of information and guidance for car buyers. Whether you are in the market for a new or used car, or simply seeking advice on financing or negotiating, Ask Car Sales provides a platform to get the answers you need from experts in the industry.