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5 Best Elden Ring Forums and Online Communities

Elden Ring SubReddit


If you want to discuss Elden Ring online, the subreddit of Elden Ring can be your top choice.

The action role-playing game Elden Ring is set in the Lands Between and begins after the titular Elden Ring's Shattering. Players must traverse the enormous open world while exploring and engaging in combat to reunite all the shards, repair the Elden Ring, and take the title of Elden Lord. Hidetaka Miyazaki directed Elden Ring, which he worked on alongside George R. R. Martin. It was created by FromSoft, while Bandai Namco handled publishing.

The subreddit has over 1.6 million members. You can find plenty of tips, opinions, guides, discussions, pictures, and videos.

Based on our research, this seems to be the most popular online community of the game. It has so many members that any questions about the game may get answered quickly.

The r/EldenRing subreddit was created 2019 May 27.

Steam Elden Ring Forum


Steam Elden Ring Forum is a highly popular online forum to discuss anything related to Elden Ring.

When we visited the forum, we found over 69,000 discussions of the game. Popular posts include "If you whine about invasions you deserve to suffer", "Ultrawide Support (21:9, 32:9, etc.)", and "Invisible Enemies Megathread". The last one is an especially interesting thread with over 2,300 replies.

Since it's part of the vast steam community, you can use the forum directly without additional registration if you have a Steam account.

When you follow the link above, you will first see a question "Content posted in this community may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work." Just click the "view page" button to continue browsing the forum.

Besides discussions, the forum also offers screenshots, artwork, broadcasts, videos, news, and guides of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring - Tarnished Posting - Facebook Group


This is a public Facebook group of Elden Ring. So, anyone can view the content of the group or join the group.

With over 120,000 members, the group has a few posts about the game every day. It seems both new users and experienced ones contribute content.

One benefit of a Facebook group is you can view the Facebook profile of the author easily.

While the majority of posts are short and contain limited useful information, there are a few meaningful and long discussions from time and time. For instance, we found a member presents a "spirits ash tier list", and generates over 200 comments. Another user made a suggestion of a Halloween event of Elden Ring and received over 100 feedbacks.

Elden Ring Community - Facebook Group


This is another Facebook group of Elden Ring. The group has over 18,000 members. It's also a public group, where everyone can view, join, post, and share.

While it's not the most popular Elden Ring community on Internet, it does have an active member base with some interesting posts.

For instance, when one member praised the smooth experience to run Elden Ring on PS5, he received over 50 comments. When another user asked the question on how to keep motivated in snowfields, he got over 90 suggestions.

When we browse the group content, we found the discussions are generally fun and meaningful, and members were willing to help each other in exploring the game.

The group was established on March 24, 2019.

PSN Profiles


PSN Profiles has a subforum for Elden Ring.

The forum doesn't have too many discussions of the game, but some of them are pretty extensive and interesting.

For instance, one post on March 16, 2022 about "Elden Ring sells 16.6 million so far" received 54 feedbacks.