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8 Best FFXIV Forums and Online Communities

Final Fantasy X|V Online Subreddit


The Final Fantasy XIV Online Subreddit is an active online community that provides a forum for fans to engage in discussions about the game. With its sizeable membership of over 750,000, the subreddit is an excellent source of information and knowledge about Final Fantasy XIV.

It covers a broad range of topics, including gameplay, strategy, storyline, and technical issues. This platform offers a space for players to share their experiences, offer advice, and collaborate with other fans. The community is known for being accommodating and supportive, with its users displaying a genuine interest in helping others.

In addition, the subreddit's moderators are active in enforcing rules and ensuring that the community remains friendly and constructive.

The subreddit is also an excellent source of news about upcoming game features, updates, and expansions. Members of the community actively discuss their opinions on the game's future, and the subreddit often becomes a hub for new speculations and theories. Players can engage in lively debates, share their thoughts on the game's storyline, and make predictions on what's to come.

We noticed that the interactions within the community were generally friendly and engaging. From the lively discussions within the community, it was evident that the community members had a deep understanding of the game and the mechanics behind it. Furthermore, the members had a strong sense of camaraderie and support among each other, which was reflected in the conversations.

Overall, we concluded that the Final Fantasy XIV Online Subreddit is likely the best online community for fans of the game. The community not only provided an avenue for discussion and debate on the game but also gave its members a sense of belonging and connection. By providing a safe and supportive environment, the community fostered a sense of community and encouraged active participation from its members.

Square Enix FFXIV Forum


Square Enix FFXIV Forum is a highly popular online community to discuss anything related to the game.

Lots of posts have many replies. For instance, the post of "If you had the power to add one feature no questions asked, what would it be?" has over 200 replies.

FFXIV Discussion SubReddit


FFXIV Discussion is a subreddit for users to discuss anything related to the video game Final Fantasy XIV.

While the subreddit isn't particularly large with over 26,000 members, the community is highly active.

When we visited the subreddit, a post "The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) Megathread - Day Three" has over 660 comments. There are also many posts with over 50 comments.

The subreddit was founded in Aug 5, 2019, which is relatively new. Since the community is very active, we expect is popularity will continue to increase.

FFXIVGlamours SubReddit


FFXIVGlamours subreddit is an online community to discuss FFXIV Glamours. The subreddit has over 112,000 members.

Many members posted pictures of glamours, and other users commented on the choices. If you are in the mood to watch some FFXIV glamours, this is a good starting point.

The Art of Final Fantasy XIV SubReddit


The Art of Final Fantasy XIV is the subreddit for users to discuss art related to the game. The community has over 22,000 members.

While most posts are pictures, some of them are videos. Each post often has several comments.

FFXIV: Recruitment Subreddit


FFXIV: Recruitment Subreddit is a popular online community for FFXIV group recruitment.

With nearly 50,000 members, it's an active group with many recruitment posts.

FFXIV: Recruit-A-Friend SubReddit


FFXIV: Recruit-A-Friend is a subreddit for users to get campaign-exclusive mounts and other rewards.

The subreddit has over 10,000 members.

FFXIV House Designs SubReddit


FFXIV House Designs is a subreddit for users to show off FFXIV house or garden decorations.

The niche community is quite popular with over 24,000 members. We find the quality of the house design is pretty good, and it often generates some comments.