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4 Best Skyblock Forums and Online Communities

Hipixel SkyBlock Forum


Hipixel SkyBlock Forum is the most popular online forum for users to discuss anything related to the game.

The forum has a number of subforums.

SkyBlock General Discussion is the most visited subforum with over 7 million messages. There are a lot of feedback, discussions, tips, and suggestions about the game. For instance, a post of "Slime Minion In-Depth Guide" has received over 300 replies.

SkyBlock Community Help is a subforum where you can ask questions about the game. We browsed the subforum and found nearly all questions got answered. This proves it's a friendly and supportive community.

SkyBlock Suggestions and Feedback is another subforum where many users participate. Some suggestions have received lots of attention. For example, a post of Spells - A new use for mana has over 500 replies and over 16,000 views.

Guides and Strategies is the subforum where you will find many guides and tutorials. While the number of posts here isn't as high as some other subforums, some posts receive many views. A post of SkyBlock Full Enchantment Guide has gotten over 3 million views.

Hypixel Skyblock Subreddit


Hypixel Skyblock Subreddit is an online community for any people who want to discuss Skyblock. When we visited the subreddit, there were over 78,000 members,

The community is considered "the official unofficial Hypixel Skyblock subreddit". It's not affiliated with the developer of Hypixel Skyblock. However, it's highly popular.

Some posts received lots of comments. For instance, a post of "Why can't we put efficiency on the Daedalus axe? It's an axe for crying out loud." got 29 comments. One user explained "for the purposes of the game, the deadalus axe is a sword", while another remarked," I am just too poor to join this conversation since I'm still using a livid dagger."

On the homepage of the subreddit, you will also find four sections besides posts: wiki, rules, partners, and resources.

In the section of wiki, you will find useful information related to the game, such as links to resources like SkyblockAddons (SBA), Skytils, Danker's Skyblock Mod, and Skyblock Event Timers.

In the section of rules, you will find the rules of the subreddit, Hypixel, and Skyblock.

In the section of partners, you will find several community business partners, which help you enjoy the game even more.

The last section, or the section of resources", offers you links to several useful tools like the SkyCript.

Skyblock Forums


The Skyblock Forums is a dedicated platform for discussions surrounding the popular game, Skyblock. The forum offers several subforums options for users to engage in, including Discussion, Trading, and Suggestions.

The Discussion subforum provides a comprehensive space for discussions on a diverse range of topics related to Skyblock, such as "Alex's DP Head Valuation Chart" and "Custom Forge Skyblock Mod."

In the Trading subforum, users have the opportunity to buy or sell items related to Skyblock. Popular posts in this subforum include "Selling 1/3 _iAlex Head" and "Buy Expanded Island".

The Suggestions subforum is a valuable resource for users seeking to improve their Skyblock experience. It contains a wealth of ideas and suggestions for enhancing the game.

Overall, the Skyblock Forums offers a robust and comprehensive platform for users to engage in discussions, trade items, and offer suggestions related to the popular game, Skyblock.



Foxcraft has a subforum for Skyblock discussion, though it doesn't seem to be as active as other forums on the list.