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4 Best Uber Driver Forums and Online Communities

UberPeople Forum


Uber People is a forum community that is dedicated to Uber drivers and enthusiasts. The forum is a platform where members can discuss various topics related to Uber, including taxes, documents, visas, travel, car care, finances, banking, maintenance, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more. With a membership of 180,000 and over 1,900,000 posts, Uber People has become one of the largest online communities for Uber drivers.

The forum is organized into different subforums that cater to specific topics of interest. These subforums include Introductions, Advice, Stories, Taxes, Insurance, Technology, Vehicles, Surge, Uber Alternatives (Delivery &Lyft), News, Autonomous, and Advocacy. Members can also find subforums specific to their cities, such as Los Angeles & Orange County, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham, Tampa, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and more.

One of the main attractions of Uber People is the Advice subforum. Here, members can ask questions and get advice from experienced Uber drivers. The Stories subforum is another popular destination, where members can share their experiences and insights as an Uber driver. In the Taxes subforum, members can discuss tax-related topics, such as deductions, filing requirements, and record-keeping.

The Technology subforum is a hub for discussions related to the Uber app and other related technology. Members can discuss features of the app, troubleshoot technical issues, and share tips and tricks for maximizing earnings. The Autonomous subforum is another area of interest, where members can discuss the future of autonomous vehicles and their potential impact on the ride-sharing industry.

The Advocacy subforum is dedicated to discussions about Uber drivers' rights and protections.

In conclusion, Uber People is a thriving online community that provides a platform for Uber drivers and enthusiasts to connect and share their experiences and insights. With its diverse range of subforums and large membership base, Uber People has become an indispensable resource for anyone interested in the ride-sharing industry.

Rideshare Forum


Rideshare Forum is an online platform designed for drivers and riders to exchange information and discuss various transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber, Lyft, Ola, Didi, and others. The platform is structured as a question-and-answer forum, similar to Quora, allowing users to sort discussions based on hot topics, latest posts, top past week, and top all-time.

The "Ask Anything" section is the largest and most comprehensive part of the forum. This section includes several subforums, including "Ask a RideGuru," "Ask a Driver," "Ask a Passenger," and "Ask a Mechanic." The "Ask a RideGuru" subforum is the most popular in the entire community, where users can ask questions to Ride Gurus and Rideshare Experts about anything related to TNCs, such as fare calculations, ride options, and driver ratings. The "Ask a Driver" subforum is the second most popular, where riders can ask drivers questions about their experience, driving tips, and the latest trends in the TNC industry. The "Ask a Passenger" and "Ask a Mechanic" subforums provide riders with a platform to ask other riders and mechanics about their experiences with TNCs and any questions about vehicle maintenance, respectively.

The "RideGuru Site" section includes subforums on fare discussions and questions and suggestions for RideGuru. The "Fare Discussions" subforum provides riders with a platform to discuss issues related to fare calculations, including incorrect fares, promotional codes, and refunds. The "Questions and Suggestions for RideGuru" subforum allows users to provide feedback and suggestions to the developers of the RideGuru site, an online tool that allows users to compare the fares of different TNCs.

The "Rideshare Tips and News" section includes subforums on rideshare news and tips from rideshare experts and bloggers. The "Rideshare News" subforum provides users with the latest news and updates on TNCs, including mergers, acquisitions, and company policies. The "Tips from Rideshare Experts & Bloggers" subforum provides users with tips and advice from experienced drivers and riders on how to make the most of their TNC experience.

Lastly, the "Do Tell..." section includes subforums on rideshare humor. This section allows users to share their funny or interesting experiences with TNCs, adding a touch of humor to the otherwise serious discussions on the forum.

In conclusion, Rideshare Forum is an online platform that provides users with a space to discuss and exchange information on TNCs. The forum is structured as a question-and-answer platform and includes different sections and subforums on various topics related to TNCs. Users can ask questions, share experiences, and provide feedback, making it a valuable resource for drivers and riders in the TNC industry.

The Uber Driver's Subreddit at r/uberdrivers


The Uber Driver's Subreddit, located at r/uberdrivers, was established on November 5th, 2013 and has since provided an online platform for Uber drivers to share their experiences and for riders to inquire about the realities of driving for Uber. The community has grown in size and popularity, currently boasting approximately 340,000 members. The subreddit has become a significant avenue for discussion among Uber drivers, with users actively engaging in conversations regarding various topics, including tips for successful driving, dealing with difficult riders, and strategies for maximizing earnings. It is evident that the subreddit serves as an essential resource for both experienced and new Uber drivers who seek to gain insights and perspectives from fellow drivers. Furthermore, the subreddit's thriving community is indicative of the need for drivers to share their experiences and connect with others in similar circumstances. In conclusion, the Uber Driver's Subreddit serves as a valuable platform for Uber drivers to share their experiences and seek advice from the community, further reinforcing the importance of online forums in facilitating knowledge-sharing and community building among diverse populations.

UberEats Drivers Subreddit at r/UberEatsDrivers


The subreddit r/UberEatsDrivers is dedicated solely to the discussion of issues relating to drivers for the popular food delivery service UberEats. The community, established on August 20th, 2021, is reserved for drivers and not intended for customer use. As of the time of writing, the subreddit has attracted a membership of approximately 9,600 individuals. With a focus on the experiences of drivers, this platform provides a space for UberEats drivers to share their concerns, ask questions, and connect with others who understand the unique challenges associated with their work.