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3 Best PokeMMO Forums and Online Communities

PokeMMO Forum


PokeMMO Forum is the most active and popular online community of the game. When we visited it, there were over 400 users online.

The forum has four sections.

The first section is "Announcements", where you'll find announcements and updates of the game, including new features and items, UI changes, miscellaneous game changes, technology changes, bug fixes, and notes.

The second section is "General". This is the busiest and most essential part of the forum. It is organized into subsections of general discussion, suggestion box, trade corner, competition alley, clubs, guide tavern, official events, and unofficial events.

The general discussion subsection is among the most active subsections. Users posted questions like "Are all Alpha Pokemon captured once per character?", "What makes you stick with playing PokeMMO?", and "What do you expect to be done in the current update?". Questions are often answered quickly. Some posts were viewed by lots of users and received many replies. For instance, the post "[Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]" has over 1.6 million views and over 11,000 replies.

The suggestion box subsection is where users can suggest new features or improvements to the game. While there are a few suggestions posted each month, we find the area is not very active, since all improvements are only discussed among users, and there's no evidence the design team has noticed or implemented the proposals.

The trade corner subsection is where you can trade your items. However, you are not allowed to make transactions with real money here.

The competition alley is probably the most active subsection of the entire forum. Many users enthusiastically discuss all aspects related to competitions.

The clubs subsection is where you can join open or private clubs. While it is an appealing idea, the subsection is not very active.

The guide tavern subsection helps you find guides for the game. It's highly popular among users. For example, the guide "Kanto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova complete walkthrough" has over half a million views.

You can find many posts of events in the official events subsection and unofficial events subsection.

The "Lounge" is another important section of the forum with four subsections: introductions, client customization, creative media, and multimedia.

The introduction subsection is where you can introduce y yourself to other members.

The clients customization subsection is where you can discuss client modifications and tutorials on how to make the customizations. Some posts here are highly popular. For example, a guide on how to edit GUI has over 200,000 views.

The creative media subsection is where you can post, appreciate, and discuss screenshots, audios, and videos of the game.

The multimedia subsection is a lounge where you can discuss anime, tv shows, movies, video games, consoles, etc.

The final section of the forum is "Help Desk". It's not very active with only a small number of posts.

PokeMMO SubReddit


PokeMMO SubReddit is a popular online community for users to discuss anything about the game.

When we visited it, it had over 130 users online, with more than 38,000 members in total.

We noticed the topics of the posts were diverse. We found an online survey of how many hours a user spent on PokeMMO. A user shared his opinion of how amazing the game was. Another user asked a question about how to sell his seeds and other items of the game.

While some discussions are interesting with quite a few participants, a number of questions don't get answered or have few replies. So, obviously, the subreddit, a solid online community of PokeMMO, still has plenty of room for improvement.

PokeMMO Facebook Group


PokeMMO Facebook Group is an active community of the game, with over 72,000.members.

In the Facebook group, you can find announcements of the game. Some announcements have received many comments from the members. For instance, a post related to the launch of the PokeMMO iOS version has received over 140 comments.